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“Find all of the creative talent and resources you need right at your fingertips.”

We are just like all of you. Artists, musicians, and writers on the “grand hustle” – grindin’ for gigs in search of that next big opportunity that will help us level up in our careers. We created the initial concept for GIG GRINDERS as a way to connect musicians with other musicians. That concept eventually grew to include visual and literary artists. 

Finding the resources to advance our career endeavors should not be a formidable task. Nor should it take attention away from our creative pursuits, however, it always does. We can spend endless hours searching the internet, social networks, and good old-fashioned want ads to find those sought-after opportunities or other artists to collaborate with. 

We want to change this.

Our Mission



Created out of necessity, GIG GRINDERS mobile app is designed by artists and musicians to serve the industries that we thrive in every day. Our mission is to be the number one mobile application resource connecting a global network of diverse visual arts, music performance, and literary arts industry professionals with sustainable income and career advancement opportunities while contributing to the growth of creative and art-centric communities worldwide.

Our Vision



 GIG GRINDERS LLC was established with one goal in mind: to Connect, Collaborate and Create with other creatives using a mobile app in an on-demand format.  We believe the world is filled with opportunities but not all of those opportunities are equally shared and accessible. Our mobile app is the bridge to equal opportunities for all creative arts industry professionals, in a non-competitive, supportive, and safe environment. “Thriving artists and not starving artists” is our promise.

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